About ImProve STEAM project

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The problem:

The scope of the project is to cover an identified need present in STEAM, entrepreneurship educational and training programs concerning the lack of educating young people on IP concepts. These concepts are of great importance in the modern economy, with six million additional STEAM positions foreseen in Europe by 2030, and in the modern world generally, and evidence suggests that a need for greater inclusion of such concepts in education are apparent.

The Solution

ImProve STEAM aims to produce a serious game to help young people and those who work with them recognise the importance of intellectual property concepts. The game and accompanying skills verification scheme can help raise awareness of such concepts and, through them, bolster youth engagement in STEAM careers and entrepreneurship.

Project objectives:

The project has the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness about IP among youth workers;
  • Develop a serious game for promoting, educating and gaining hands-on experience on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
  • Encourage young people to pursue STEAM or Entrepreneurship career through integrating the notion of IP in Entrepreneurship and STEAM training for youth;
  • Equip youth workers with an innovative tool and a new thematic to be covered in their training;
  • Develop a Skill Verification Scheme to validate the learner’s competence in IP and encourage organisations working with youth to integrate IP in their training activities