ImProve STEAM Progresses!

The ImProve Steam consortium have continued making progress on the projects activities, multiple online meetings have taken place and research has continued making progress on multiple areas of the project, namely we have conducted survey activities in multiple countries across Europe to assess the level of awareness and education around topics relating to intellectual property and the STEM discipline. Respondents included youngsters and youth workers from the UK, Netherlands, France, Poland, Romania. Soon we will have completed our data analysis and will be able to share this with our stakeholders.

News and recent events around intellectual property and STEM, continue to be intensive, the ImProve STEAM consortium have continued collecting industry news so that we can take these into account into our final research and also enrich our own social media channels so that they can become a sources of information for all things relating to intellectual property and STEM disciplines.

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ImproveSTEAM aims to enable youth workers to improve their training programmes by introducing IP rights in their STEAM learning approaches.
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